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Roys' Austin-Healey Restoration Site
Follow along as I rebuild my classic
1961 Austin-Healey MI from wreck to finish.


Welcome to my Austin-Healey Restoration Site. In 1997 I bought my second Austin Healey, a 1961 Austin-Healey Mark 1, from the Austin Healey Factory here in Melbourne Australia. I fell in love with Austin-Healeys after purchasing my first Healey in 1957. With years of panel beating experience I thought that I would tackle this badly banged up beauty. I did not know what I was getting myself into.

So began the work that has lasted over 5 years. I have done alot of the work myself with exceptional help from The Healey Factory and assistance from my son Shaun. Use the menu along the right side to navigate through my progress or click here to start on the first page.

What has happened the last couple years?

Even though no work has been done on the site, I have continued working on my Austin-Healey. We hope that the new format will make exploring the work I have done on my Austin-Healey 3000 Mark 1 more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

This website is the creation of my son-in-law Paul. Since the internet is still a new avenue for me to explore, I have left these pages completely up to him to create and keep updated. He has admitted that this site has been in drastic need for some long overdue, and well deserved, updating. You will also notice that the website is more simplistic in design as he thought that the old website was a bit too much of an experimentation. Keep It Simple Stupid is the new theme. No more fancy fonts, backgrounds or colours. We hope you like the new design.

email me. if you have any questions.

Come inside and look around. Feel comfortable. Say hello.


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